Jewelry Design

It’s only been two years and very few people know about it; I don’t take it too seriously but it’s very enjoyable for me. I’ve always been fascinated by jewelry and I’ve had important friendships with two women jewelry designers who influenced me tremendously in my appreciation of the art. To them, Crystalline and Marion, wherever they may be, I dedicate this section of my web page.

The Dark Star - An alexandrite pendant molded from a star anise seedpod.
The Heart on Sleeve - A heart-shaped ruby pendant set in a natural gold nugget.
Maestro Stud - This stud features a beautiful alexandrite.
Geisha Fantasy - 3 colored diamonds set in a rose gold ring that takes the shape of a bent nugget.
Sapphire Solo - Necklace featuring a blue sapphire set inside a miniature Bobo Solo mouthpiece.
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