Yamaha 622 Tuba in F

This Gold plated tuba was made in 1990 to Roger Bobo's specifications by Thomas Lubitz, instrument maker and designer for Yamaha at their atelier in Frankfurt. After leaving the Los Angeles Philharmonic on a sabbatical in 1989 and deciding not to return to the position, Roger decided to change to Yamaha instruments after having tried their instruments at several exhibitions.

This particular instrument is almost the same proportions as the 621 series in F but is far more ergonomically comfortable. In 2000, Roger was given a larger bell for the tuba, and the two bells are interchangeable depending on which sound is preferred.

This tuba was used on the last recordings he made from 1990 to 2000. This instrument (the 622 BL) is still available from Yamaha on special order.

The Yamaha 821 F is now owned by Italian Mauro Cadei ex-student and editor of the Italian tuba site TubaForum.it.

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